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Lomi Lomi Nui Massage.

Lomi Lomi Nui is called the “soft cat paw massage” due to its gentle nature. Lomi mean to pet or knead, and Nui means unique, special. It is a full body massage (excluding intimate areas), mainly done by the forearm of the massager. The movements are long and flowing. When accompanied by a positive mind flow, it is easier to heal and gain natural harmony. This traditional Hawaiian massage destresses your mind and body; relieving all pressure and tension, it works as a pain reliever and helps with weight management. It focuses on balancing the inner and outer energy of your body. This allows for a positive view towards your self-esteem and other people.
It works for all systems eg. helps lymph to cleanse toxins from the body. Your immune system gets stronger by producing extra white blood cells (leucocytes). You can feel that energy flows calmly through the body. A relaxed body is a healthy one. Sometimes it can happen that you feel angry and don’t have a way of letting out stress; this causes micro tensions in your body, which blocks the flow of energy. The massage has cleansing properties, and will help you reach the feeling of acceptance, empathy and love. You can feel how your body regenerates, and you will feel calm and silent. A full body massage takes min. 1h 40min (100min). First visit €10 off. It's highly recommended for people who suffer from heavy fears, mental illnesses, doubts, long lasting stress, back pain/headaches, mental/physical exhaustion etc. as it is calming and therapeutic for the mind, body and soul.

- 1 hour (60 min) full body - 80euro
- 1 hour 30 min (90 min) full body - 120euro
- 2 hours (120 min) full body - 150euro

Lomi Lomi for pregnancy:
- 1 hour (60 min) - 80euro

Rebirthing - meet yourself

Rebirthing is a type of therapy that aims to help individuals work through emotional and psychological issues, including trauma, by focusing on the breath. The process involves controlled breathing techniques that are designed to release repressed emotions and negative thought patterns that may be contributing to psychological distress.

The theory behind rebirthing is that our earliest experiences, particularly those that occurred during the birth process, can shape our psychological and emotional development. By revisiting these experiences through focused breathing and relaxation techniques, rebirthing aims to help individuals resolve unresolved emotional and psychological issues that may be holding them back.

While there is some evidence to suggest that rebirthing may be helpful for individuals struggling with trauma and emotional issues, it is important to note that it is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health care. Anyone considering rebirthing therapy should consult with a qualified therapist and approach the process with caution, as it may be emotionally intense and require significant support and guidance.

Individual session - 120min- 110e
Group session of 3-6 clients, - 180min - 60e per person.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique, and the Egyptian Sekhem descends from the same source as Reiki.

This service is a mixed energy healing technique that uses the Chakras to balance out the natural energy of the mind and body; Reiki (universal energy/life force) balances the Chakras using Earth energy whilst Sekhem (Egyptian elemental art of healing) cleanses them using the Water, Air, and Fire energy.
Reiki Sekhem boosts your self-esteem, relaxes the mind, body and spirit, balances your natural energy, cleanses your chakras, and relieves any physical/mental pain.

One to one session (60 min) - 70euro